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Flashcards Interactive Games Worksheets Teaching Tools
Interactive or printable Great for classrooms with multimedia capabilities Print instantly or save to PDF Student selectors, group makers, timers, and more
Designed for the classroom

Games and activities are designed for use in the classroom and work great with big or small classes. Games can have between two to five teams and student name lists can be entered for random selection.

Thousands of lists to choose from

Teachers from around the world are adding new lists everyday. Choose from these lists or create your own. You can either keep your lists private, or help contribute by sharing them with the BarryFunEnglish community.

Easy to use interface

A custom list can be created in seconds. Either choose from more than 1200 images, or upload your own. Once created your list can be used with any activity on the site.

Not just for English

Support for 12 different languages with audio clips using text-to-speech technology.